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Dom Rizco


I got into touring as an audio engineer and after working my way around the roster and trying out different seats, I find myself most passionate and effective as a Production Manager. I have a large background in audio / video / lighting system design and am experienced in drafting and creating stage renders.


PM/MONs: Madison Beer

TM/FOH:Peach Tree Rascals, Skizzy Mars 

PM/FOH: Gnash, Aries

Why i love my job

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to explore the world and each day is new and totally different than the day before.

Why i love beehive

I have nothing but good things to say about the Beehive. I love the community of people they have working with them because they are not only extremely talented at their craft but always ready and willing to learn something new and contribute something different to the show.

Preferred Console

I enjoy mixing on DiGiCo and Yamaha products when I get the opportunity, but you can never go wrong with a trusty M32 :)
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