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Grant Zubritsky


I’m a musician and music director with over a decade of touring and music direction experience. As a musician, I’ve performed in 25+ countries on four continents and played on dozens of albums and recordings. As a music director, I’ve put together shows touring in rock clubs all the way up to shows performed at arenas like Madison Square Garden and Wembley. My deep dedication to music and teamwork help bring together cohesive shows that integrate electronic music with live musicians across many genres. Some career highlights for me have been: 3 nights at The Sydney Opera House with Chet Faker, SNL with Dua Lipa, music directing Yungblud for Stephen Colbert, and touring with Nina Persson of The Cardigans.

Why i love my job

Being a music director keeps me sharp and light on my feet. I love being in touch with the musical detail part of my brain, just as much as the big picture overall concept part. I love bringing someone's idea to life and watching it all come together.

Why i love beehive

The Beehive makes it all happen. I love bringing a problem to the badass creatives at the Beehive and seeing what ideas everyone has. And it's all for the music!
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