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Justus Bradshaw

Why i love my job

I love my job because it allows me to work in music in both a visual and auditory sense. There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect color and shape to portray the emotion of a song, and being able to work so directly with artists to help them bring their vision to life. I also love visually accenting the excellent music direction that exists within live pop music, and timecoding so that the show can be as good as possible night after night. It's great to adapt a show every day, and to help create a moment for all the fans.

Why i love beehive

I love the Beehive because it has brought a camaraderie and familiarity to touring with various camps that I haven't seen before. It's always so nice to be working with many familiar faces, and having cross-departmental connections that aren't very standard for most of the touring world. It's always a pleasure working on a Beehive tour - there's always an exciting energy.
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