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Matt Reynolds


I started my career in live events as a 15 year old high school student in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois (that’s ILL-AH-NOY for everyone who’s never lived there) back in 2010. I would borrow my moms minivan, load it up with school owned dj gear (which included a very old and heavy Peavy P.A. System, CD player DJ Controller, and a sweet lighting rig with only the finest in American DJ moving mirror club lighting technology), go set everything up, and perform in front of hundreds of the rowdiest middle school students you’ve ever seen.
I’ve since given up the lucrative lifestyle of fame and stardom, now you’re more likely to find me at FOH or dimmer beach in venues all over! 

Why i love my job

I love using light to capture and portray emotion in a way that we can see. A great light show can fully immerse your audience in a whole new world they’ve never seen before. It is my goal to bring that experience to every project I am involved in.

Why i love beehive

I love The Beehive for many reasons but I feel my top reason is that everyone here truly cares about the art behind music. I’ve worked with many companies over the years, and the first day I was at The Beehive I knew they were different. The Hive gives every one of their clients and employees the freedom to be themselves through their art. There’s rarely a “no” but rather “Let’s see if we can get that done!”
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