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Pete Jonas


Having grown up and lived in Chicago, Hong Kong, California, Maryland, and Massachusetts, Pete has found an interest in building bridges between things that may at first seem disconnected. His introduction to music came around age 11 when his big sister got long acrylic nails and could no longer play her electric guitar. His adolescent years were spent tinkering with his sister's guitar, a Casio keyboard purchased at a garage sale, and a two sided cassette deck (with overdubbing) found in his grandma's shed, while developing his palette by listening to a large collection of records and CDs passed on from his family.

Pete refined his skills by playing punk bands at house shows, musicals in the pit orchestra, and cover bands in dive bars, before pursuing a formal music education. During his time as a student, he sang in Harvard Summer Chorus, conducted his college's orchestra, toured with rock bands, and threw house parties which were focused on blending the cultures of chamber music and punk rock house shows. Supporting himself through college as a studio assistant, barista, and church organist, Pete completed his degree in Contemporary Writing & Production and Orchestral Conducting at Berklee College of Music where he graduated with Honors.

In his professional life, Pete aspires to connect the dots between all of the sub-cultures and musical contexts that shaped him by developing a voice of his own. Through the abundant support of his friends, he has had the opportunity to work on inspiring projects including the composition of string arrangements for Bebe Rexha, vocal production and live arrangements for Halsey, songwriting, producing, & performing with Marc E. Bassy, and has performed with many other talented artists as a guitarist and keyboardist.

Why i love my job

I love my job because I never really know exactly what my job is, but I do know I get to try a lot of cool things, and that Rock n Roll will never die. I’m very grateful have so many people around me who will share my excitement whenever my interest is piqued and support me.

Why i love beehive

I love Beehive because personal friendships are the backbone of the whole operation. The level of trust, loyalty and love I see here never ceases to impress me.
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