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Taylor Glatt

Why i love my job

Lighting is so cool! No matter how many long nights I put into programming shows, it is always worth it when you are at FOH and you feel the thunder of the crowd roar as the first song starts to play. I am so happy that I have a career that combines my creative side as well as my techy nerd side. The best part of my job is seeing all the smiles that these shows put on the faces of the audience!

Why i love beehive

Since 2018, my goal in my career was to become a touring LD. I worked the most random gigs at various companies in the hope that maybe one day someone will notice my work and take me out on tour. Beehive noticed me! I am so grateful for Vinnie and Jonny giving me a chance to do what I love. Without them I wouldn't have reached this goal of mine I've been striving for. There are also so many other insanely talented people at Beehive that I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with.

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