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Tour Director- Jonny Stiegler 

Musical Direction- Space Bar Society

TM- Jad Todah 

FOH- Zach Thornton 


Known as "The Pen Point Guard," New Jersey-born BRELAND began writing songs as a teenager, inspired by such diverse sounds as Gospel, R&B and Country music, The Beatles, Rascal Flatts, Prince and his greatest influence, Stevie Wonder. While attending Georgetown University, he knocked on every industry door possible. Upon graduation, BRELAND moved to Atlanta and continued to pursue music in between holding down a day job and launching a budding business as a vocal coach. A year-long tireless grind yielded a string of high-profile placements. Between crafting songs for Ar'mon & Treyand Ann Marie, he contributed to six cuts on YK Osiris's debut 'The Golden Child' in addition to "Let You Pick" for ELHAE's 'Trouble In Paradise.' At every turn, he lived up to the nickname of “The Pen Point Guard.” Now, with “My Truck,” BRELAND rewrites the rulebook from scratch as a solo artist. "My vision is limitless and clear," BRELAND says. "I don’t subscribe to rules. I’ll make whatever I like. I’m trying to innovate. I’m a music fan, first and foremost. I spend so much time studying what’s going on in order to create something different. I’m fusing a lot of separate styles. I want to have a place on the cutting edge."

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