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Tour Director/Production Manager - Jonny Stiegler

CHIKA is a self-made star who turned down going to Berklee College of Music to focus on honing her craft. Now just a few short years later at 22 years old, she’s on the top of her game and using her powerful voice as a much needed call to action for the marginalized and disenfranchised. With an instinct for creating impactful viral moments in the music, film / television, fashion, brand, and social media space, CHIKA's ethos and persona have resonated with fans and peers so deeply that she's already a Gen Z icon with just a few songs out in the world. In less than a year, the Alabama-born, LA-residing, rapper/singer / songwriter / poet has gained critical darling status, calling out her foes with fierce battle hymns that put her on the map as one of the toughest new rappers out - even singled out by Cardi B as one of the brightest young stars in the game. In early 2019, after starring in an unprecedented Calvin Klein campaign, she dropped her first single "No Squares". CHIKA went on to perform it on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, hand-selected by guest host Lena Waithe who was an early supporter. CHIKA again collaborated with Waithe and director SH00TER for the official video for her most recent single, "High Rises", filmed with a cast of young students in both CHIKA and SH00TER's home state of Alabama. CHIKA is signed to Warner Records and will release her debut EP in early 2020.  

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