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Grace McKagan

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Tour Director- Vinnie Ferra

Musical Director- Cooper Cowgill


Grace McKagan may have been cutting her teeth with her synth-pop-punk band The Pink Slips, but she’s been waiting for the right time to go solo. Now 23, McKagan has grown up a lot since the formation of the L.A.-based five-piece and she’s finally ready for the world to know it. Introducing McKagan’s solo work is “Surrender,” a dark, triumphant lullaby debuting on December 9th, 2020. Chronicling a gamut of heartbreak she had experienced, “Surrender” serves as a reminder to McKagan of the person she was before -- confident, driven and “a bad bitch.” The singer embraces an amalgamation of alt-rock and ‘60s garage rock, playing with sultry melodies and more vulnerable songwriting. Traces of the artists who influenced McKagan, like Iggy Pop, The Kills and Nancy Sinatra, are weaved throughout her new songs. But McKagan’s dark, signature sound keeps her music original and inspired. McKagan was born to be a rock star, and this is just the beginning.

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