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Olivia O'Brien

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Musical Direction- Vinnie Ferra x Harry Allen

TM/PM- Shane Rawdon


Hey, it’s me writing my own bio because I don’t think anyone else could really say what I need to say. You may know me from that one song “i hate u i love u” that you probably heard in an elevator in 2016. I wrote (and somehow also composed despite the fact that I can only play chords on piano) that song in my bedroom in Napa when I was 15 expecting no one to ever hear it. Contrary to my expectations, it went 5x platinum and I am now 20 years old and a full time singer and songwriter in Los Angeles. It’s funny how life works out like that, and I am eternally grateful for every door that song has opened for me. Since then, I have released a couple singles, an EP, an album, and my newest venture: my “micromixtapes.” I’ve always written my honest truth and tried to be as raw and real as I could possibly be through my music. I’ve never been one for metaphors, I prefer to just say things how they are and hope someone out there feels the same. When I first started after ihuilu, I was a child who had no clue about anything. I didn’t know how to hone in on my craft of writing and I ESPECIALLY did not know how to use my voice to it’s full potential. Actually, it’s more likely that i was just simply too scared to do either of those things. Putting yourself out there is hard in any case. Regardless, I am proud to say that with every new release I continue to get better at finding my own sound and being more confident, real, and honest than ever. Who knows what will happen next?

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