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Peach Tree Rascals

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Tour Director- Jonny Stiegler

Musical Director- Harry Allen


California five-piece Peach Tree Rascals make carefree, idealistic pop music as sunny and bright as their West Coast surroundings. Tapping into the influence of richly arranged R&B as well as classic rock melodicism, the group released their music song by song for the first few years of their run. They found viral success with many of their singles, gathering millions of streams of bouncy tunes like 2019′s “Mariposa” and 2020′s more indie-flavored “Things Won’t Go My Way.” In 2021, they further built upon that buzz, releasing their debut EP, Camp Nowhere . Peach Tree Rascals were formed in the Bay Area by high school friends Dominic Pizano, Jorge Olazaba, Joseph Barros, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, and Issac Pech. With Pizano working as producer and DJ, Olazaba serving as creative director, and the other three members singing, Peach Tree Rascals began putting out music in 2018. After releasing a few singles, they quickly developed a huge fan base and their songs were streamed millions of times in a period of just a few months. By 2019, the group released accompanying videos and limited-edition merchandise with each new single, taking their songs from that year, “Summa” and “Mariposa,” to new levels of exposure. 2020 brought new tracks like “Deer” and “Not OK” as Peach Tree Rascals relocated to Los Angeles and continued to develop their bright, mellow sound. In March 2021, they released their debut EP, Camp Nowhere , which they recorded while in isolation near Yosemite National Park during the COVID-19 pandemic. Included on the album was the single “Leave Me.”

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